Hello, my name is Danni and I’m a genealogy addict and history buff.

My interest in genealogy was cultivated from an early age.  My maternal grandparents both were regular participants in transcription through their church and when I stayed with them during summer breaks from school I would end up at the Family History Center with them.  It was inevitable that I would be bitten by the genea-bug as well.  Add to that some great family vacations with said grandparents where we stopped at many historic places and I was doomed from the beginning.  Not that I ever really cared that I was doomed.  I always seemed to love kicking around historic sites, sitting in libraries, learning about things from the past and hearing family stories.  Some of my favorite movies from when I was a child were movies that my grandparents had taken of their kids growing up.

Yep, I was doomed from birth.

I took a break from the genealogy hunt while I went to school, had a child and got married but I was recently bitten by the genea-bug again  and jumped into the search head first.  I stumbled upon some great genealogy blogs, which led me to some great webinars and classes and eventually I started tossing around the idea of starting to blog about my genealogical journey.  I chewed on that idea for awhile and, at the encouragement of my wonderful husband (also a Danny) and a fantastic group of wild and crazy women (you 'Bugs know who you are!), this blog is what emerged from that idea.

Me with my family, Ginger J and D1 (photo courtesy of Blue Rue Studio Photography

My family is one of a kind and I'm truly blessed to have them.  I'm married to a wonderfully patient husband and have one son who is unbelievable unique in his own right.  I can't imagine what my life would be without them.  Also part of my family are the furbabies who share a home with us.  I have a Siberian Husky: Black Jack Ketchum, and three formerly feral cats: Lizzie Borden, Mata Hari and Rob Roy "Red" McGregor.  With those four around it's never a dull moment.

Lizzie Borden
Rob Roy "Red" McGregor
Mata Hari
Black Jack Ketchum

When I'm not working at my full-time job or tracking down genealogy leads, I enjoy photography, scrapbooking, reading, rooting for our local soccer team (shameless shout out to Sporting Kansas City the best soccer team in the league!!!!) and discovering new wines.

The name Talking Box Genealogy is a subtle nod to my father.  Dad was a fixer of all things electronic and was very talented at it.  For me, he was the strong oak tree in the storm of life.  He was always there, strong and proud but able to bend when the wind blew hard.  He had a wicked sense of humor and there were many times I'd sit and listen to him giggle while telling stories of the pranks he used to pull in his younger days.  Daddy always liked to claim he wasn't related to anyone and that he was born in a cabbage patch (he took great pleasure in saying that to all the family genealogists), so it only seemed fitting to send a nod in his direction.  My brother (Big C) and I are troubleshooting this break in the circuit, Dad, so let's just see if you really were born in that cabbage patch like you claim ;)

My dad and me at Christmas

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Take some time, look around and let me know if I can help you out.  If you suspect we might be related, what are you waiting for?!  Contact me already!  Constructive comments are always appreciated.